Beginners guide to the cold.

Brrrr! It was minus 12 when we landed but it’s a very dry cold. It is not really snow underfoot, it’s more like masses of frost on the footpaths where the snow has been cleared. Love my bearpaws and my down coat. Did really well in finding this hotel just a few minutes walk from the station. It’s a lovely big room but has definitely seen better days. Reminds me a bit of the Station hotel in Inverness. Time to have a g+t now before dinner. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Beginners guide to the cold.

  1. I presume you not only have the contents of the Rohan shop but are are wearing them all simultaneously!

    PS apologies for the username – apparently ‘aunty jane’ was already taken (or do I mean ‘pre-taken’?!)

  2. Your bearpaws? Those I must see. The Station Hotel takes me back rather a long way. I bet at minus 12 you don’t have any seagulls on the roof.

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