Impressions of Helsinki

Where is everybody? After we had collected our baggage we walked towards passport control. I asked my personal travel agent if we were going the right way because there were so few people about. We went straight through without queuing at all. We didn’t have to queue at tourist info either. We waited at the bus stop with only a few others. The bus drove straight to the city centre with no holdup – this was rushhour. We were lucky enough to get a table by the window for dinner in a restaurant in the main square. There were few cars and even fewer people. It was almost eerie. My personal travel agent reminded me that in the whole of Finland there are not many more than about 5 million people – as if my geographical knowledge had ever extended to that!

I took some photos to post here but discovered that I had forgotten to swop my SD card for a micro one. I’ve remedied that now.

It was minus 14 this morning when we set out. We have spent the day walking around the city centre but making frequent forays into shopping malls to warm up. They must expect that as seating areas are provided. Everything is VERY expensive so there was no temptation to buy. Checked out the cost of fur hats M – approx €350!! We did manage to get a mortgage for postcards and fridge magnets!

One interesting point – we didn’t see a single cat or dog. Conclusion – it was Was waaay
too cold.

We decided to go to the station early and wait in the warmth for our train. It was built in the 1950s by the famous architect Alvarez Alto. This is a photo of the main waiting area. Note how crowded it is not.
Oops, I tried to attach a photo and found they were all video clips. I will have to get this sussed.

We’re now on the train. It left bang on time. This is a recently refurbished Russian train and is really comfortable. The thermometer is showing 21, lovely to sit in but way too hot to sleep in. There’s no pleasing some people!

We left it a bit late to go to the restaurant car as they were closing early before we got to the Russian border. What we had was nice though. John had herrings and I had a chicken concoction.


Now we enjoy the delights of Russian immigration and a bogie change before we are lulled to sleep. Note to Lord Smith – toilets have been refurbished too and are really clean.


4 thoughts on “Impressions of Helsinki

  1. Handy to have your own personal travel agent! Personally I’d rather a fridge magnet than a fur hat. Didn’t want one anyway!

  2. Not sure about reference to toilet roll mits but in the days of the Iron Curtain I do recall that one had to buy the toilet paper which had skelps in it. Buying was not optional. Using it was. One took one’s own.

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