In search of Lara

John is no Omar Sharif and I am certainly no Julie Christie but he wanted to buy me a “Lara” hat so this morning we headed for the GUM department store. It is actually no longer a single department store but is now a large very upmarket shopping mall like an enormous Princes Square. Found shops selling furs no bother. Prices – big bother. Anything from £350 to £500. My Omar did not want his Lara that much!

I haven’t worked out how-to rotate this but it’s me in front of the GUM.

OK, now I have worked out how to rotate the original image but not to delete!

Inside the GOM

Inside the GOM
John had read in Lonely Planet about a posh grocery shop where you could buy top quality caviar. Yum. Next stop. Wow, this was Valvona and Crolla meets Harrods food hall. What a wonderful shop.


At £500 I think not….but it was nice to look, sadly we looked with our eyes and not with our mouths!
On the positive side, by not buying a hat or caviar we have saved ourselves the best part of £1000. Pollyannaski rules!

Having done the main tourist sights last time here, our visit to Red Square was brief.

We took the opportunity to wander round the old quarter. Seeking respite from the cold (-18 this morning) we investigated a historic building which had been pointed out on our bus tour yesterday. It turned out to contain an indoor market which consisted of nothing but honey sellers – about a hundred stalls in all. Russian bees are obviously very very busy bees.

Honey stalls

Our next stop was the Arbat. The Ann Summers bordello that we found last time was no more, it must be the cold. Don’t know if it was the cold or no Smiths but we didn’t have a beer. It was interesting how different the street was in winter – no more than half hearted hustlers and no Lenin lookalikes at all.

Now fighting with my tablet to get this published with a large vodka waiting as my reward. Ismailovo market beckons tomorrow.
I may manage a post tomorrow before we go on the train but if not I don’t expect to be able to post until we reach Harbin a week today.


10 thoughts on “In search of Lara

  1. it does look soooo cold – and soo empty.. the food shop looked amazing – but my goodness how expensive is that – caviar the same price as fur… not that I agree with fur mind… keep warm and safe.. C xx

  2. You’re looking cosy!! Shops look fabulous, but perhaps not first choice for our 25th anniversary Christmas shopathon 😉 J xx

  3. I soooooo wish we had been able to go with you. I suppose that will be the haunting refrain of each and every one of my sends!!!!! It looks fab although without us your alcohol intake will be drastically reduced!! You look as if you are making the most of everything xx

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