Lara is found!

Our first stop today was to the Saturday market where we found “Lara”.
My new hat looks and feels just the same as the megabucks ones. Conclusion : its provenance – off the back of a Guilty conscience? No, when I think of the £400 we saved. Happy days.


Just had to pose by the Bentley. Not in the market! Below is a market shot.


We headed into the city centre for lunch. This was in a coffee shop next to Cartier and opposite the Bolshoi restaurant. After all Lara does have her standards to maintain. Our afternoon was spent traipsing the streets with periodic forays into shopping malls to warm up. It has struck us as odd that the malls seem to contain only Valentino, Jean Paul Gautier, Ralph Lauren etc. We have yet to find the Russian equivalent of Next or Wallis let alone Lidl or Aldi.

We headed for the Gulag museum. Having been to the museum at Hiroshima, and the S21 Interrogation Centre at Phnom Penh we thought we should complete the set.

We were wandering somewhat aimlessly when we came across this open air exhibition of modern sculpture.

This was a fascinating find, particularly the Russian attempt to emulate the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.

It had been a long day of walking and our throats needed lubrication so we decided to head back to the hotel.
We’re now sitting in the warmth enjoying a beer while I do this post. We plan to have dinner here before heading back into the city centre for our 23.45 train to Harbin. At least we will be going down the 66 steps to our local metro but there will be loads of others to go up with our luggage – no steamer trunks though! Just a reminder that the next post is likely to be in 6 days time.


7 thoughts on “Lara is found!

  1. A very smart, snug looking Lara you are. Quite a coincidence, the topic for last Mondays french discussion class was ‘ a favourite film ‘, my choice, Dr. Zhivago.

  2. So you’ll now be able to walk around Lewis in the ‘summer’ and not feel out of place. Having once read The Gulag Archipelago the museum would, in theory at least, have been of interest to me.

  3. Very stylish Lara no matter where you got it ! Great pics of less well-known Moscow sights ! Enjoy your train journey …. a few sleeps before your next post from Harbin.

  4. What a shame about the blog hurdle, but I have been getting your emails. You must be having a great time and once again my refrain is ” Wish we had been able to go with you” xxx

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