Tigers R Us.

We had been undecided whether to go to the Siberian Tiger Park or not. We are so glad we did. It was about 10 kilometres outside Harbin. It had been snowing in the night and it was fascinating to see how efficiently they cleared the roads. What we were not prepared for was the intense cold. With the wind chill factor it was almost 40 below. This was the first day of wind we had experienced.

We booked a bus tour of the  park with an English speaking guide. That was a good move as she was very informative. I took video of the park from the bus but we have no still photos of that.

After the tour we were free to wander in an enclosed area for as long as the cold would allow.




There were some tigers in cages. These were the ones who were sick or pregnant or who were there as a punishment for being naughty! What constitutes a naughty tiger we never did find out.

There were also larger enclosures where we got a good view of the more co-operative ones.


This chap is a White Siberian Tiger, but he wasn’t for posing to have his photo taken.



We were lucky to see one of only 10 ligers (a cross between a male lion and a female tiger) in the world.


It was lovely to get back to the warmth of our hotel room but it was a great morning and well worth the effort.



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