Our last day. Boo Hoo!

8th February 2014.

It’s snowing! Bizarrely, for all the lying snow that we have seen this is our first snowfall since Helsinki. It was too cold for snow in both Moscow and Harbin.

We decided to spend our last day going to the War Memorial that we had read lots about but felt that we didn’t have time to visit it yesterday. War memorial? No, it’s more of a museum.

This statue depicts two brothers who met on the battlefield. One was fighting for South Korea, the other for the North. How tragic.


You can see by the uniforms that these figures depict the two opposing armies.



Rather inappropriately, there was a children’s play park at the entrance to the memorial. It amused us to see children playing in the snow with buckets and spades – a good idea to get year round use of them.


Many of the exhibits in the three floor building featured high tech graphics depicting various episodes in the course of the war. They included this one laid out like a military cemetery.


I particularly liked this comment at the end of one piece of film,


whilst this needs no comment.


There was so much to absorb that we could have spent all day but I wanted to get back and pack. I also needed to continue my acquaintance with Korean street food which is so delicious.

I’ve spared you yet another photo of John stuffing his face!

This was a last chance to enjoy our lovely hotel suite and both the view of it from inside the building, and the view from it over the eastern part of Seoul. 



Whilst I was packing John went off to look at a Buddhist temple which he had noticed previously.




We realised that we had not tried soju – the local firewater. This is an oversight which we will rectify this evening.  Meanwhile we have two big decisions to make 1) where to have our last evening meal and 2) where to go on our next big trip.


3 thoughts on “Our last day. Boo Hoo!

  1. A few of your war memorial photos were very poignant indeed.

    I take it that that wasn’t your last evening meal! I hope that is a very long way down the road of life.

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